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Planning a Group Trip?

Whether you’re planning a corporate group trip or a fun friends getaway, here are 6 tips to make group travel easy and stress-free!

1. Choose a leader or two

Have you ever heard the phrase “too many cooks in the kitchen”? Establish a trusted leader or two to take charge of decisions and logistics in order to keep the plan on track.

2. Determine a budget

Are you planning a luxury trip for CEOs or a spring break getaway for college kids on a budget? Set your budget early so you can plan accordingly and avoid surprises later.

3. Design your itinerary

With your agreed-upon budget in mind, factor in all elements of the trip to design a detailed itinerary. Prior planning prevents in-the-moment missteps and costly mistakes.

4. Send the program to your participants

Don’t keep your participants in the dark. As soon as your itinerary is finalized, send it out to your participants. It’s better to learn about any limitations or hesitations as soon as possible.

5. Collect payment

As soon as participants commit to the trip, collect payment and lay out a cancellation plan. When you collect ahead of time, both you and the participants can focus on enjoying the trip!

6. Book with Charter Linkz

For a group trip that’s enjoyable and stress-free, book with Charter Linkz. Our customer service team makes planning a breeze and we’ll work with you to come out on-budget every time!

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ico With Charter Linkz, we save time by over 60%. Now, we can actually focus on growing the business and getting new clients.

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