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When it comes to transportation, Charter Linkz goes ‘the extra mile’

Alyssa Seidman

March 10, 2023

Charter Bus Rental company has more than 20 years of collective expertise

(Ad) The logistics involved with planning any type of event can be overwhelming, and sometimes transportation is the last thing on people’s minds. At Charter Linkz, however, it’s the number one priority.

Since 2019, Charter Linkz has provided charter bus rental services to scores of clients in the tri-state area and beyond. It has access to bus depots in more than 20 markets, and competitively secures chartered vehicles for all occasions.

“We’re committed to providing immediate response times and premier customer service,” COO Joseph Lucci said. “We pride ourselves on our reviews, our BBB A+ rating, and the fact that our owners are accessible and intricately involved with every facet of the company.”

Unlike some of its competitors, Charter Linkz connects you with a live customer service representative to help plan the logistics of your event.

“When you’re planning a charter for a group of people there can be a fair amount of details to cover, so it’s crucial that a customer has a dedicated representative to speak to,” Lucci said. “You have to care about your customer, understand the trip from their perspective, discuss the safest and most efficient way to perform their charter, and communicate that effectively to your drivers."

Charter Linkz secures passenger vehicles that can accommodate groups of four to 56 people for planned events, and will sometimes dispatch vehicles within a moment’s notice. Every trip features professional and courteous drivers, 24/7 dispatch, trip assurance with backup transportation, and contingency planning.

The company’s specializations include: corporate trips, shuttles, and outings; school district trips; municipal and federal government emergency services; planned and emergency bus bridge service; university sports and shuttle bus systems; community shuttles; group sporting events; and ground transportation for events.

“The majority of our business is repeat clientele, which is a testament to the service we provide,” Lucci said.

When there’s a last-minute booking or someone in immediate need of transportation, Charter Linkz will utilize and mobilize whatever services are available in that area to accommodate those riders as best as they can.

“People don’t think about transportation until they need it, or until it’s not there,” Lucci said. “We will answer your call or email immediately and work with you every step of the way to plan a successful event.”

Pricing is based upon availability. For those who may need chartered transportation in the near future, Lucci recommends that you try to book at least three months in advance to secure the best price.

“In terms of our industry, there’s not much vehicle availability to meet the demand, but we’ll make sure we accommodate you in the most cost-efficient way,” he added. “We go the extra mile to provide a safe and pleasant experience.”

Charter Linkz is headquartered at 1110 South Ave. in Staten Island, N.Y. For more information or to get a free quote, call 800-494-7528 or visit

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