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Emergency Services

In the event of a natural disaster, getting people to safety is of the utmost importance. When hurricanes, floods, wildfires, and blizzards strike, passenger vehicles often aren’t equipped to traverse the dangerous streets safely. Our experienced drivers are trained to drive in inclement weather conditions, so you can trust Charter Linkz to evacuate those affected to safety.

Emergency Services

Why choose Charter Linkz for emergency evacuations?

When a natural disaster strikes, emergency services teams work overtime to rescue, treat, and protect those affected. The last thing you need is additional traffic incidents caused by drivers ill-equipped for the conditions. Hiring a charter bus for large-group evacuations provides numerous benefits.


Charter buses can transport large groups in one vehicle, resulting in fewer cars on the road.


When you develop a disaster plan ahead of time, you can focus on more hard-pressing issues, knowing that the evacuation will run smoothly.


Our professional drivers train for natural disasters, so you can expect a calm, controlled driver through the most dangerous situations.

Who do we work with?

Charter Linkz is a registered government provider for transportation services. We work with the federal government as well as city, state, and local municipalities to develop evacuation plans and provide transportation for disaster recovery.

We work with assisted living facilities and the most vulnerable populations to create evacuation plans, so when disaster strikes, we won’t hesitate to spring into action. Plan ahead, so you’ll know you’re covered when a natural disaster occurs.

When evacuations are happening due to natural disaster, we work with FEMA and the federal government to bring first responders directly to the source.

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Trust Charter Linkz to provide impeccable service, thoughtful planning, and disaster recovery services when you need them most.Get in touch with us today to learn more about our emergency services transportation and make sure you have a transportation plan in place for natural disasters.

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